Primo Health Solutions

"Thanks to Primo Health Solutions, I’ve made a complete 180 toward improving my health and balancing my life."  -- Primo Client



Primo strives to help Brooklynites do what they do in a typical day more effectively and more enjoyably. We show you how to stretch, strengthen and move so you can:


A More Personal Approach

  • Keep up with your kids

  • Climb subway stairs

  • Play pickup hoops

  • Do whatever your life demands


Primo individualizes everything we do with you according to your particular body type, level of conditioning and ultimate goals. We tone, we don’t torment, we can train you in one of three environments:

  • Your home

  • Outdoors

  • At a local gym

Primo Founder Mark Anthony holds accreditation from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Certified Personal Trainer. He knows how bodies work, what works for different body types and which activities should suit your particular body.

The truth is, we all have muscle imbalances, and not just weaknesses. Many of us overdevelop one area at the expense of another. That’s life. Mark figures out what needs stretching, what needs strengthening and what combination will most effectively achieve balance. For instance too many situps – especially done wrong – will hurt not help your back. As for focused strengthening, knowing where to position weights for maximum effect and minimum danger keeps a smile from becoming a grimace.

How can you tell if you and Primo will make a good fit?

  • You have the desire to get in shape and the drive to stick with it

  • You know you need some guidance

  • You want to achieve more than ‘statistics’ of pounds, miles or minutes

  • You’re interested in the why of doing the activities you’ll do

  • You appreciate variety in your workouts that’ll keep you from plateauing

Most of our clients come from the working world. Some run homes, others run busi­nes­ses, but they all do some kind of “running.” Primo helps you keep up and even get ahead. If you want to enjoy the path to enjoying life more, please get in touch.