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5 Tips You Can Use Now For A Healthier 2015

Of the most popular New Year's resolutions for this past year, 40% were related to improving health. Not surprisingly the number one overall resolution was weight loss. Year after year, people promise themselves they will live healthier once the calendar changes and 2015 will likely be no different.

Unfortunately, New Year's goals are often destined to fail before the clock strikes midnight on December 31. By the end of January, many have given up their dreams of a happier, healthier year and returned to old habits. The good news is you can avoid failure and have a healthier year than ever in 2015. The key is planning now, long before you don your party hat and head out for your midnight kiss.

What should you do to plan a healthier 2015?

Don't Overdo It during the Holidays 

First and foremost, avoid poor health decisions during the next few weeks. As tempting as it might be to let loose and use the season as an excuse to make poor health choices, doing so can set you up for failure.

Be reasonable with your indulgences, make sure you get enough rest, and schedule short workouts when you can. At minimum, continue your current lifestyle even if it is not that healthy. What you shouldn't do is careen recklessly into the New Year assuming you will have the energy or desire to make a 180 degree turn as of January 1st. Now is the time to begin prepping for a healthier new you, even if you enjoy a few treats along the way.

Commit to a Better Work-Life Balance

Next, be sure you schedule time in the New Year to stick with your health commitments. Many people overload themselves with work and personal goals, and too often, the personal goals fall by the wayside in favor of all others. You need time to focus on your health and these last few weeks of 2014 are the perfect time to ensure your New Year schedule reflects your commitment to good health.

Find a Health Buddy

Arranging workout meetings for the New Year is an effective way to ensure you stay motivated. For some, it also spurs competition, which can boost motivation even more. Having support for your heath improvements - whether it is in the form of a cheerleader or competitor - is a great way to ensure you stay on track, even after the thrill of the New Year wears off.

Don't have anyone with the time or desire to workout with you? A study from Michigan State University found that a virtual partner can be just as effective - and for some people even more so - as someone by your side during your workouts. According to the study:

"One of the key hurdles people cite in not working out is a lack of motivation... working out with a partner increases motivation, and with a virtual partner, you are removing the social anxiety that some people feel working out in public."

Enroll in an Organized Program for Health

Committing to a healthier 2015 for many requires actually committing time and money to the cause. Enrolling in a class, be it to learn cooking, fitness, or medical or health information, can have a big impact on your ability to stick with a healthy living plan.

Start New Year's Resolutions Now

Don't want to wait until 2015 to get started? Great! Many people do better when they begin their new lifestyle immediately. New Year's resolutions come with high expectations and a lot of pressure, which is why so many fail. By starting now, you will already be well into your healthy living plan by the time 2015 arrives.

If you want to learn more about improving your health in the coming year, we can help. Contact Primo Health Solutions for more information.