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Identifying and Correcting Causes and Conditions of Health Complaints: The Benefits of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition builds a bridge between clinical nutrition and functional medicine.  It requires you and your healthcare provider work as detectives to find the root cause of a health concern and correct the cause of the condition, as opposed to just suppressing a symptom. It uses functional lab work to identify healing opportunities and engage each patient in restoring health with lifestyle changes, including diet, rest, exercise, supplements, and stress reduction.

Identifying Causes and Conditions of Health Complaints

Everyone's body is different and each of us faces our own unique set of challenges. By learning to treat our specific body, we eliminate existing problems and serious health risks. The process begins with a meticulous patient examination. We assess a patient's family and personal medical history and his or her current health status. We also use lab results and look at hormone levels to get a broad picture of the current state of things. Next, a plan is designed that supports the body in its natural healthy functions.

Making Corrections with Lifestyle

More and more people are realizing their lifestyle and diet choices have led them down the road to poor health. Activities (or lack of) and food choices which seemed acceptable for many years has caught up with them and they are desperate to reverse the damage created by their diet and lifestyle.

Poor choices can trigger early onset of heart disease, diabetes, depression, elevated cholesterol levels, and a compromised immune system. Essentially, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition helps you alleviate all health issues because it restores optimal health. Chronic pain, fatigue, mood disorders, digestive issues, skin disorders, and more vanish when you learn to manage your nutrition.

Functional medical tests focus on biochemical results and make it possible to detect nutritional deficiencies. These problems often go undetected with conventional testing. A patient's entire body is evaluated, providing a holistic assessment that makes it easier to create a comprehensive treatment plan. According to Reed Davis, developer of Functional Diagnosis Nutrition, patients who experience the most improvement are the ones working as close to the underlying cause as possible, and not simply treating the symptoms.

Who Should Consider Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?

Anyone who is ready to commit time and effort to making positive health challenges, having a  difficult time receiving a definitive cause of a health problem, or has a desire to treat a health condition without medication can benefit from functional diagnosis nutrition. It is a natural way in which to invest in your long-term health.

At Primo Health Solutions, we understand your body maintenance and how to get it to operate at its best. We provide individualized nutritional guidance and fitness training to help you achieve homeostasis. We help clients design a plan that is right for their body and that works specifically for them. If you would like to learn more, contact us to schedule a free consultation today.