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Winter Workouts for New Moms to Stay Active and Get Back in Shape

Losing weight after childbirth is tough. The challenge is even tougher when baby arrives in the fall or winter months and you are faced with chilly temps outdoors. Creating an easy winter workout that keeps you warm indoors is a great way to stay motivated, boost energy during those exhausting newborn months, and ensure you shed extra pregnancy pounds.

The most important thing to do when trying to get back in shape after pregnancy is to take things slowly. As tempting as it might be to rush into a postpartum diet and workout routine, dropping weight too quickly is dangerous for you and your baby. This is especially true if you are breastfeeding. Most doctors advise breastfeeding moms wait at least two months before trying to lose pregnancy weight.

Weight loss should be slow and steady, too. About a pound and a half per week is a realistic and healthy goal. Discuss your caloric needs with your doctor and determine how you can meet your daily calorie goals by adding exercise to your routine.

Even if you were an avid fitness buff prior to and during pregnancy, you need to ease into your post-pregnancy workout routine.

What are a few great winter workouts for new moms?

  • Fitness DVDs are a convenient option for new moms during colder winter months. They are   affordable, easy to follow, and allow you to work out in the comfort of your own home. Most DVD workouts take about 20 to 40 minutes, so you can squeeze them in during naptime. Start with gentler workouts, like yoga and Pilates that include stretching and toning work.

  • If you prefer to get out of the house for workouts and socializing, attend a baby and mom exercise class. These are usually low-stress workouts that also give you time to bond with baby. Look for classes especially designed for new moms that focus on activities safe for infants and newborns. Places like the local "Y" often offer these types of classes.

  • Stress can be a problem during those first few frazzled weeks at home with baby. Deep belly breathing exercises help you relax and tone abdominal muscles. You can begin and end each day with these exercises or finish off another workout routine with a few minutes of deep breathing.

  • Invest in inexpensive at-home workout equipment. A balance ball and five pound free weights are the only things you need to get a full-body workout that can include crunches, squats, arm presses, and planks.

  • Get into a routine that fits your schedule around the baby and you'll be sure to actually do the exercising you desire.


If you want to learn more about fitness for new moms or you are looking for additional ideas to help you get into shape, we can help. Contact Primo Health Solutions for more information.